New Featured Stock Photos – 2nd of May 2013

This is a collection of new featured stock photos for this week: “  Young Girl Holding Rose in her Hand Isolated on White Background, Macro Closeup of Small White Headphones with Music CD, Closeup of Baby Face with Finger in Mouth, I love You in Handwrite English Calligraphy Greeting Card, Abstract Green Holes Texture and Background, Vector Design of Opportunity Ahead on Green Road Sign Against Blurry Sky, Blank and Empty Wooden Sign, Colorful Puzzle Pieces Logo Isolated Against White Background, Vector Design of Bald Eagle Perched in Tree Against Red Orange Sunset Sky Background, Silver Male and Female Sign and Symbol on Red Wooden Surface, Searching People with Magnifying Glass in Vector Design, Large Pizza with Vegetables and Meat on Wooden Table, Hand Painting Cat Sketch Artwork, Violence Words in the Shape of Hand Gun, Plate with Fresh Falafel Balls, Macro of Webworm Insect Insect Walking on Disk”. and more 220 new photos addition on What’s New~ 2nd of May 2013

abstract_green_holes_background_jpg17507 baby_with_finger_in_mouth_jpg17509 bald_eagle_perched_in_tree_at_sunset_jpg17503 blank_wooden_sign_jpg17505 colorful_puzzle_pieces_jpg17504 hand_painting_cat_sketch_jpg17499 i_love_you_calligraphy_card_jpg17508 large_pizza_on_wooden_table_jpg17500 macro_closeup_of_small_headphone_jpg17510 opportunity_ahead_green_road_sign_jpg17506 plate_with_falafel_balls_jpg17497 searching_people_with_magnifying_glass_jpg17501 silver_male_and_female_symbol_on_red_wood_surface_jpg17502 violence_words_in_the_shape_of_hand_gun_jpg17498 webworm_insect_on_disk_jpg17496

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