Our Work of Digital Arabic Calligraphy

The Arabic calligraphy style of the “Thuluth, خط الثلث” means one third, which might refer to the size of the pen used to write the script. It is one of the cursive scripts that was commonly used to decorate mosques and different types of texts, The Thuluth script is marked by its clear structure and readability, which make it suitable for a number of purposes, even today. The cursive letters and long lines make it easily readable and usable for both titles and long texts.

The Thuluth script is often considered the most powerful script in Arabic calligraphy. Some experts say you are not a calligrapher until you can write thuluth, Our collection of Islamic Art, is created by our own team of Arabic Calligraphers and Artists, Our original Islamic Art coupled with our extremely high standards to ensures the finest collection of Islamic Calligraphy Art.


To design a name or phrase in the Arabic art of calligraphy, I start sketching it and writing it on paper, I scan it and I clean it up in Photoshop or with Corel PhotoPaint, then I trace it using the Live Trace feature in Adobe Illustrator or by Power Trace tool in CorelDraw graphics software.

Working and tracing calligraphy is a very hard work and this is taking much time to work with, but having the calligraphy in vector format gives more control on the letters and make it easier to to have them modified or retouched, this is the Digital Arabic Calligraphy.


Tea and coffee provide a quick and easy way to dye paper and fabrics, Coffee stained paper can come in handy when trying to make a look like old parchment paper texture for our calligraphy artwork, There are various ways of making such paper, some examples:

islamic-prayer-in-mirroed-thuluth-style-on-old-paper-by-photos5-com islamic-prayer-arabic-calligraphy-on-old-paper-by-photos5-com

quran-love-verse-calligraphy-in-thuluth-arabic-calligraphy-by-photos5-com quranic-calligraphy-panel-of-quranic-verse-by-photos5-com

thuluth-calligraphy-with-decorative-border-of-by-photos5-com romantic-arabic-calligraphy-on-abstract-colored-paper-by-photos5-com

arabic-calligraphy-of-bismillah-prayer-by-photos5-com poetry-in-arabic-persian-nastaliq-calligraphy-on-ornamental-paper-by-photos5-com

We have thousands of unique and beautiful Arabic calligraphy images, our Arabic calligraphy art is available in top quality and in high resolution (up to 8000 x 5333 pixels), our stock calligraphy images can be licensed for your personal, educational, and commercial use with flexible pricing and licenses.

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